Deadline to register is 8PM the night before each class. 
Once you have signed up, you will receive a Zoom link via email on the morning of the class . At class time, just click the link and join the fun!
Please call us at (203) 655-8683 if you have questions or any difficulty signing up. We are happy to help you!

Beginning Drawing with Nancy 
with Nancy McTague-Stock
Wednesdays, 10-11am

Stippling Drawing - June 3 
Stippling is a popular type of mark making which people enjoy, as it allows you to create gray scale tonality in a new way! All you need is an HB or B micron marker pen, or a very fine sharpie pen, drawing paper, a white eraser and an object or objects to draw! 

Photographic Realism and Drawing With a Grid
 - June 10 

All kinds of artists rely on the grid to facilitate their fine photographic realism works of art. Learn this simple technique and begin your own masterpieces! Please have two copies of two photographs you are interested in drawing. 5X7 or 8 x 10 will work well. If you wish to use pencil, print out one copy in black and white and one in color. For colored pencil, use color copies. Come with your wide range of pencils including an H or HB, a ruler, white eraser and good, heavy drawing paper! 

Coffee and Draw
with Joel Flora
Thursdays, 10-11am

Perspective Drawing - June 11
Learn how to create images involving one and two point perspective. This will come in useful for drawing landscapes that involve buildings and other three dimensional objects to create dimension within your scene .

6 Week Classes: June 22 - July 31
Minimum of 8 students needed to run classes. 
Please call us at (203) 655-8683 if you have questions or any difficulty signing up. We are happy to help you!

Grades 6-Adult
Wednesdays, 5-5:45am | $90
With Bonnie Gombos
Lyrical dance is a dance form which fuses modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Class begins with a center warm-up, then combinations to inspiring music. This class is open to teens and adults.

Mondays and Fridays, 10-11am | $180
With Bonnie Gombos
Classes will contain a full barre warm-up and center exercises. All levels are welcome.

All Levels
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-7:45pm | $180
With James Gombos
A great workout while learning many self-defense theories and skills. This class will improve coordination, stamina and self-awareness.

THE MUSIC PROGRAM is open to children and adults. Our students receive a foundation in classical or jazz which can later be applied to any musical interest. All of our instructors are professionals chosen both for their artistry and teaching skills. We offer instruction in piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute, cello and percussion. Through one-on-one instruction, our students discover their full potential by strengthening their technique, artistry, self- awareness and individuality. 

30-minute lesson | $50 each 
45-minute lesson | $75 each 
60-minute lesson | $99 each 
Plus $35 Annual Registration Fee and $15 performance fee 

Flute | Monday 
Guitar | Tuesday and Saturday
Percussion | Tuesday 
Piano | Monday–Saturday
Violin | Monday, Thursday, Saturday
Voice | Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
Cello | Varies

Before registering, you must call us at 203.655.8683 to receive confirmation of your instructor, day, time, number of pro-rated lessons and total cost of your lessons. Private lesson registration cannot be processed unless you have received a confirmation from the teacher. Private Instruction Registration Form