Our Music Program includes private lessons for cello, guitar, flute, violin, voice, piano, and music theory as well as group classes. DAC instructors, professionals chosen for their individual artistry and teaching skills, include Juanita Bosee, Music Director, Christine DeMaio, Anthony DiTaranto, Christine Geeding, Daniel Hague, Sharon Levin, Stephanie Wong and Daniel Saulpaugh.

Private music instruction is available for students as young as five years (if the young student is ready) and for older students including middle and high school students, who develop skills to play music they enjoy, and adults who have decided to acquire a new skill or to keep minds and hands nimble. Qualified students have the opportunity to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Program, which offers adjudicated testing in both music theory and practical application. To register for private music instruction or for more information about the RCM program, contact Juanita Bosee at or call (203) 655-8683.

Group music classes are available for kindergarten through high school students and include piano, voice, composition and jazz band classes. 

“In a town where sports are so heavily emphasized, it was important to us to find a way to support other aspects of our children’s growth in addition to athletics. Our son was interested in learning how to play the piano, so we signed him up for lessons at the Darien Arts Center. Within a few weeks of starting lessons, we were amazed by his progress, but even more so by how much he loved to play. To this day (more than a year after starting lessons), he frequently chooses to play piano without being asked, and loves to play both pieces that he has memorized and his new pieces. He has gained a lot of confidence in the past year, and I attribute much of this to his piano lessons. I am also thrilled to see him gaining a skill that he will be able to enjoy for the rest of his life.” (Megan M.)

Group Music Classes:

New Group Piano for Beginners, Grades K-2, Friday, 4-4:45pm, Jan. 10-Mar. 20, $225. Students will be exposed to a musical “playground” and will be fully engaged with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (feel/touch) activities while using electric keyboards.

New Sing! Sing! Elementary Group Voice, Grades 1–5, Thursday, 5:30 – 6:15pm, Jan. 9-Mar. 19, $210. Through musical games and activities, students will learn proper vocal techniques while receiving an introduction to music literacy. The group will have an in class performance for parents.

Beginning Young Composers
, Grades 3–5, Saturday, 3:00 – 4:00pm, Jan. 11-Mar. 21, $168. Beginning composition students will learn the basics of writing music and compose simple pieces that explore specific parts of the compositional process. Guidelines for the Young Composers Program at the DPS will be adhered to.

Advanced Young Composers, Grades 5–12, Saturday, 1:15 – 2:45pm, Jan. 11-Mar. 14, $256.
Student composers with more experience will work in a workshop setting, writing and critiquing each other’s music and work on self-directed pieces, with the opportunity of recording them. Pieces may be submitted to the Young Composers’ Program through the DPS.

New Beginning Jazz Band, Grades 5-9, Saturday, 12-1pm, Jan. 11-Mar. 21, $168. Open to all students in grades 5-9 currently playing a band instrument, piano, guitar, bass or drum set. Learn music in the jazz, pop and rock styles and develop skills in improvising, creating and performing original music in preparation for any audition for school jazz bands.