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For grades 4 through 12
With Dan Saulpaugh

The Young Composer's Workshop aims to fill a gap in students’ music education that is too often overlooked: the ability to write, notate, record, and perform one’s own music. Within a friendly and supportive atmosphere, students will learn a variety of compositional technics including writing short pieces using short harmonic progressions, form, melody and voice leading, as well as orchestration. Students will have their pieces critiqued and the workshop will culminate in a composition project that can be submitted to the Young Composers’ Festival in the spring. Students will also be invited to perform their pieces at the DAC Holiday Recital. Prerequisites include some level of proficiency with an instrument and reading notated music.

Eight Saturdays from noon-1:30 p.m., October 13th through December 8th. 
There is no class on November 24th. 
Fee for the Young Composers' Workshop is $300.