THE THEATRE PROGRAM seeks to develop new works, cultivate budding talent and provide performance opportunities for all ages. Our elementary school classes impart team building, public speaking and listening skills. Students learn parts for performances and participate in theatre games. Middle school students are challenged to take ownership of their responsibilities by participating in ensemble-based programming. 

Christina DeMaio, Kristin Digilio, Kyle LeMaire, Rocco Natale and Danielle Roth.


“I loved being part of the DAC Broadway Beat Cast. Everyone was so welcoming and I made some great new friends.” (Phebe C.)

“The DAC playwriting class for adults provided an opportunity to work on new material and edit previously written pieces. I wrote two new scenes for a full length play and completed a ten minute play.” (Jessica C.)

“I thought that Middle School Theater Makers was very fun. I learned staging, acting, choreography, playwriting, set design and more all in a matter of a few months. I learned stuff here that I would never learn anywhere else. I can’t wait to do another theater class at the Darien Arts Center!” (Samantha R.)