Thank you for your interest in the Theatre Program at the Darien Arts Center. 

As the new Director of Theatre Education, I am currently developing a theatre program that will engage all ages and abilities.

I truly believe the Darien Arts Center is a destination for not only performance opportunities but for the development of new work and the cultivation of budding talent. 

Over the next few months I will be calling upon seasoned artists in the area to lead workshops and classes in playwriting, auditioning, film acting and more. 

My goal is to introduce the concepts of theatre to not only those with a desire for a career in the arts but also to those who want to learn and have fun participating in the process. 

Not only does the practice of theatre encourage great public speaking skills, it has been my experience that theatre students, beginner to advanced, are great collaborators, listeners and leaders. I am eager to get classes started! There are exciting workshops planned for this summer. Contact me to find out more. Thank you for your patience as we build a singular learning and developing process for all theatre practitioners, young and old. 

-Maria Pizzarello

We are also building: Storytelling MOMMY-AND-ME!, Playwriting for Beginners, Advanced Playwriting, Design Workshops, and a Musical Broadway Revue, BROADWAY BEAT!