ACTING TECHNIQUES Improv & Storytelling
Code T05
Instructor: MAT YOUNG
Grades 3-5 | Thursday | 4-5pm

FALL | Aug. 28-Nov. 20, 2014
12 classes
No class Sept. 25

SPRING | Feb. 26-May 21, 2015-CLOSED
12 classes
No class April 16

Storytelling is notably the oldest theatrical art form. Understanding how to construct and explore a story through intuition, spontaneity, awareness and truth is exactly what Storytelling Through the Art of Improv is all about. Using the structure of a story will help a student realize their improv potential, and using Improv will help give students a deeper, clearer understanding of communication. All this provides a true creative experience that helps students gain a confidence of self that is rich and everlasting. And did we mention it’s hilarious? When you teach a student to unlock their imagination’s potential through improv and storytelling, the creativity they are capable of is astounding. Side Effects include: Confidence, Creativity, Communication, Understanding of Plot and Character, with a very likely chance of Wise Cracks.

$230 pus $25 Registration Fee

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