Code T12
Grades 7+ | Tuesday | 7-8:15pm

 | Sept. 2-Nov. 25, 2014-CLOSED

12 classes
No class Nov. 4

SPRING | Feb. 24-May 19, 2015
12 classes
No class April 14

Notably one of the most difficult transitions in all aspects of theatre is the segway from a scene into a song. A great deal of characterization is often lost in the introductory bars of the piece. This class will focus a great deal on why this happens and how we can prevent it from happening while we gauge our progress on the subject matter through guided experiment. In this class we will be exploring popular Broadway songs and the scenes that set them up. We will be breaking down these scenes and learning about the motivations behind character actions and the repercussions of these actions. Friends and family will be invited to join us at our final class meeting where our students showcase what they have learned in a short presentation.

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