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The Audition Work Out Old

A Theatre Workshop
For Ages 15-18 

Come give your audition pieces the work-out they deserve. Receive guidance and feed-back from industry professionals to be ready for whatever audition comes your way. 

We've invited Claire Kelly, Carole Claps, Jenifer Menedis, and Dwayne Condon to share their expertise with you in this workshop series. All sessions also include a panel audition with an invited audience in the DAC Weatherstone Studio on October 5th. Students may register for any or all 3 sessions and will receive a multi-session discount for attending two or more sessions. Participants must bring memorized material to each workout session. 

September 26, 7-9pm
Classical Monologue Work Out: Session 1

An interview with Claire Kelly:
1.What is the nugget you want participants to walk away with from your Classical Audition Workout? 
Shakespeare is for everyone!
2.Does anything freak you out when you are holding an Audition as the director? 
Nothing freaks me out but actors may be interested to know that I am always happy to have someone start their audition over if things go wrong.
3.What are qualities you look for in an actor when casting? 
Confidence. A clear understanding of character and the text. An actor who makes interesting, nuanced choices.
4.What is your favorite Shakespeare play? 
It often changes but right now I am most fascinated by Twelfth Night and Richard III.

October 1, 7-9pm
Contemporary Monologue Work Out : Session 2


An interview with Maria Pizzarello:
1. What is something you tell yourself before you walk into the audition room?
Don't mess up. Kidding! I remind myself that the people I am auditioning for are people, too. They want this to go well. They want to cast this show and wouldn't it be great if it were me that they cast.
2. What is something that you look for in an audition piece?
It depends on what I'm auditioning for and what is required but one thing that is always true is that I need to connect to the piece in someway. There should be an aspect to the character or the characters situation that I can understand on a personal level.
3. Why should a high schooler participate in this Audition Workout series?
Well, I wish I did something like this when I was in high school! The more you get up on that stage and try out your audition material, the more confident you are going to be in the audition room and the better you are going to feel about yourself. This Workout is a space to try and mess up and work out this kinks. Better to work them out at the DAC than the day of the audition!

October 3, 7-9pm
Musical Theatre Work Out: Session 3

With Vocal coach JENIFER MENEDIS and accompanist DWAYNE CONDON


An interview with Jenifer Menedis:
1. What do you look for in a song when you are selecting your audition piece?
I look for a song that shows my best in the shortest amount of time. Also, a song that I connect to and feel extremely familiar with. Only then will I be my most confident, in any situation.
2. How many songs to have at the ready when you walk into an audition?
I usually have one main song, but then a back up ready to go.
3. Do you have a mantra or a phrase you tell yourself before you walk into the audition room?
I tell myself that I already have the job, and that this is not an audition, but rather the first rehearsal. In that case, I always show up ready to confidently give my best, and make sure everyone there knows they did not hire the wrong person for the job.

An interview with Dwayne Condon:
1. Where is your favorite place to acquire sheet music? for instant access, and choice of keys.
2. How many songs should you keep audition ready in your book?
A ballad, an uptempo, a classic and a modern musical theatre, (can be the ballad and then uptempo) a pop rock, and one uncommon piece to pique interest.
3. Ever accompany someone in their audition and knew they were going to be cast? What was one thing they did that made you just know?
It's always been when I see that extra bit of confidence and connection with the production team.

October 5, 7-9pm
Panel Audition

Participants will present their audition pieces to a professional panel, that includes CAROLE CLAPS, director at Curtain Call, as if it were the real audition and receive feedback. Accompanist included. Invited guests view student selected audition pieces in the DAC Weatherstone Studio.

Fees: $120 for 1 session, $175 for 2 sessions, $225 for 3 sessions. 

For questions, email DAC Theatre Director, Maria Pizzarello at