THE VISUAL ARTS PROGRAM offers a variety of classes and workshops for children and adults in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and fine crafts. Our professional instructors focus on teaching the fundamentals of art and refining abilities while allowing students to express their individual creativity. All classes and workshops begin with an overview and a focus on reinforcing basic required skills. Intermediate level classes work to further develop skills and techniques and individual expression. Students are introduced to masters in Art History, such as Monet, Matisse and Picasso, as well as contemporary artists and craftsman. They explore how these artists influenced the art world and learn how to interpret masterworks into their own projects. Students work in the spacious DAC Visual Arts Studio, and participate in various exhibits at the DAC and around town. 

Emily Altman, Director, 
Brien Adams, Tim Cronin,  Joel Flora, Moki Kokoris, Stephanie Lush Mastriano and Nancy McTague-Stock.


“… you get taught things you didn’t know about drawing…and you get to let your feelings out onto the paper.” (Teddy T.)

“I enjoyed creating great art formed from great ideas” (Grace W.)

“Watercolor class was one of my favorite times of the week! Joe is an extremely talented artist and a very effective teacher.” (Julie M.)

Thank you for your interest in the Visual Arts Program at the Darien Arts Center. Before joining the team here, I worked at MoMA and Christie’s Auction House in Arts Management. I am thrilled to share my experience with and love of art with all of you. 

As director, I am looking forward to working with our team of instructors to grow our program and continue to provide our community with the highest caliber art classes. Whether you are already an artist or a beginner, the DAC Visual Arts Program offers a unique opportunity to work with superb instructors on learning the fundamentals of art and refining existing skills. The instructors provide individual attention to each student and our classes cover a wide range of subjects including painting, drawing, print making, photography and cartooning. 

This year we have some wonderful new teachers, classes and workshops for all ages and we are looking forward to welcoming all returning and new students to the program. Thank you for your support and participation as we continue to share the importance and beauty of art with the Darien community. 


Emily Altman, Visual Arts Director