Visual Arts Classes and Workshops

Grades 1-4 | Monday 3:45-4:45pm, Feb. 22, Mar. 1 & Mar. 8 | $70
In this 3-week workshop, come use your imagination to create a collage capturing your interests and passions. DAC instructor Erika Caputo will lead students from start to finish on the creation of their collage, with a variety of materials including paint, magazine clippings, fabric and more, all presented on a large canvas.

Grades 5-8 | Saturday 3-4:30pm, Mar. 20 | $55
Join magician Steve Dane and learn a fun and direct approach to the mystery of close-up magic and entertainment! In this workshop, students will learn multiple tricks and effects (and their secrets), along with easy handling tips. Students will learn “self-working” and “sleight of hand” using cards, coins, bills and everyday objects.

Grades 5-8 | Tuesday 4:05-5:05pm, Mar. 9-May 4 | $176
Students will design their own characters and learn to use them in a one-panel cartoon and three-panel comic strip. They will study facial expressions and body language as it relates to cartooning. Instruction in creating mood and suspense using color theory, composition and perspective will be put into practice as we explore cartooning in comic books and graphic novels for children. Storyboards and caricature will also be included. New projects and fun activities are planned each session to accommodate new and returning students. No Class April 13th.

Grades 1-4 | Wednesday 3:45-4:45pm, Mar. 3-April 28 | $176
In this course, the budding artist will learn the basic techniques of all forms of art, through a wide variety of materials such as watercolor and pastels ink. Students will explore ideas related to nature, family, sports, animals and more. This class will emphasize the importance of expressing each child’s unique creativity through art, and allow students to use their imagination in new and exciting ways.

Grades 5-9 | Wednesday 5-6:30pm, Mar. 3-April 28 | $265
This class invites beginners and more advances students to build upon what they have learned in school, and continue to explore traditional and experimental materials. Students will draw figures, landscapes, portraits, still life as well as images from their imaginations. Technical drawing skills will be developed while individual creativity will be encouraged. New projects will be planned each session to accommodate new and returning students.

Grades 5-8 | Friday 4:40-5:40pm, Mar. 5-April 30 | $176
Students of all ages learn to use their digital device to capture exciting and unique photos, using the world around them as inspiration. Each class will start with exploring elements outside of the classroom in the surrounding grounds, and students will then come back inside to critique their photos. Some of the photography skills that will be covered include: rule of thirds, filling the frame, negative space, scale and focal point. Students are to bring their own digital point and shoot camera, or IPhone. No class April 16th.

Adults | Thursday 10-11am, Feb. 11-Mar. 25 | $126
Throughout this six week Zoom course, Nancy will work with her students to broaden their horizons both in technical skill and material knowledge. She will help each student grow as an artist individually, suiting each artist's personal style, level and interest. A Zoom link for the course will be sent prior to the first class.

Adults | Monday 7-9pm, Mar. 15-April 19 | $295
This course is an introduction to ornamental handwriting done with an oblique pointed pen and a flexible steel nib. A precursor to Copperplate, the Engrosser's Script, sometimes referred to as Roundhand, is a beautiful flowing script composed of delicate hairline strokes and contrasting thicker downward lines, controlled solely by the amount of pressure on the tip of the pen nib. Originating in Italy in the 17th century, it rapidly became the dominant writing style because of a growing commercial need for a script that could be written more quickly than traditional calligraphy.
You'll be following a step-by-step process from basic pen strokes to individual letters to full words to sentences… and voila! It won't be long before you have a brand new, useful and versatile alphabet style that is easily adaptable to your own penmanship style for use on invitations, informal business announcements, or notes to friends... and maybe even secret admirers. Whether you simply wish to improve your handwriting or have a sudden urge to hand-copy the Declaration of Independence, come take an oblique pen for a test drive.

Adults | Monday 6:30-8:30pm, May 3-24 | $185
Emulate the master himself in his careful study of drapery and how best to capture light as it illuminated the fabric's flowing shapes and forms. Working on tan or grey toned paper, students will use black Prismacolor pencil to layer shading, and white pencil to add highlights to the folds, which lend the drawing its 3-dimensionality.