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I give Darien Arts Center (“DAC”) permission to photograph and use pictures or videos of my child either alone or in groups for newsletters, fundraising activities or for use in advertising—online or in print—for DAC programs. DAC respects the privacy of its students and their families and does not allow unauthorized visitors to photograph or videotape the classes or students.

I understand that art, dance, martial arts and music lessons and group classes involve activities and interactions that may be new to my child and that these come with certain risks and uncertainties beyond what my child may have previously been exposed to. I am aware of these risks, and I am assuming them on behalf of my child. I realize that no environment is risk-free, and I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by DAC’s rules. My child and I both agree that he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them. DAC reserves the right to remove or reassign any student from its classes.

I hereby agree not to hold DAC liable for any injuries sustained by me or my child during DAC activities and waive any right or cause of action arising as a result of my child’s participation in DAC programs from which any liability may or could occur against DAC or its officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers and/or donors either collectively or individually, aside from gross negligence. 
If you do not understand or agree with these statements please contact Darien Arts Center at 203-655-8683.