Logo for: Darien Arts Center

Since first formed as the Darien Arts Council in 1975, many devoted individuals have helped to guide and shape the Darien Arts Center into the vibrant organization it is today.

Our Board of Directors and the individuals that make up various committees volunteer their time to oversee the diverse activities of the Darien Arts Center and its programs.

Board of Directors

  • Lisa Albano
  • Kellie Anderson
  • Cristina Boudo
  • Carolyn Cavolo
  • Margaret Deluca
  • Pam Garrity
  • Mary-Nevin Gauthier
  • Daniel Kunetz
  • Winnie Norman
  • Katrina O'Connor
  • Gail Samuel
  • Alyson Sturm
  • Chrysula Winegar
  • Donna McLaughlin Wyant                          

Advisory Council


Past Presidents