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We are thrilled to announce the completion of the installation of a new, state of the art, LED lighting system in its DAC Weatherstone Studio. A $100,000 grant for the monumental project was generously provided by The Darien Foundation, who has partnered with the Arts Center for multiple years while the project was planned and implemented.


The professionally designed new lighting system  provides the DAC Weatherstone Studio with completely modernized equipment that will allow theatre, dance and music performances to utilize beautiful and optimal lighting and to expand their repertoire of performances to include those with more complicated lighting. It also provides expanded capabilities for visual arts classes and art shows, and ease of operation, allowing volunteers to manage more complicated lighting scenarios.


“We look forward to expanded opportunities to collaborate with regional theatre companies and outside arts groups, including East Coast Contemporary Ballet, Falcon Repertory company, The British Group Theatre and JIB Productions: Play with Your Food,” commented DAC Board President Carolyn Cavolo. The arts center is hoping to create more opportunities to collaborate with the DHS “Theater 308” group and to offer internships for the technical aspects of theater.


“It has been wonderful collaborating with the team at the Darien Arts Center as this project came together,” said Sarah Woodberry, Executive Director of The Darien Foundation. “We are looking forward to the expanded performances and program offerings at the DAC made possible by the new lighting capabilities.”


This project was also supported by private donors of the DAC.